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 The moment I discovered the power of KDP Self-publishing I was all in. I mean I hit the ground running. I love to read and I always wanted to write my own books, I just didn’t know where to start. I struggled for months but I finally learned everything you needed to know to become a very successful Kindle publisher. These books will make you a passive income that can be shared with your family for generations to come.

Chapter 1

The Sign Up:

There are two places you want to sign up before we get started. KDP Select and Amazon Associates.

Not only will you be getting paid for your book sale I will be showing you how to earn extra commissions with relevant Amazon products in your books via hyperlinks.

You can also Hyperlink to websites,other affiliate products,or Network Marketing companies.

One other place you may want to sign up for is CreateSpace. They allow you the option for FREE to make paperback versions of your book that they incorporate with your amazon book right on amazon. That’s more money. I have some of my cookbooks all the way in Great Britain.

Chapter 2

Book Ideas:

My favorite books our children’s books. I always wanted to write a choose your own adventure book. I loved these as a kid.

Exotic stories sale very well. You can easily come up with 4-4 xxx stories to put in one eBook.

Non-Fiction books work great also. If you know how to solve any problem, write it out. Trust me it will sale.

But my all-time favorite books to write are Cook Books. You don’t even have to know how to cook!! Cookbook ingredients can’t be copyrighted. That’s an endless supply of books. You can go over to All and make your first book today. My very first cookbook was a bestseller. Just remember the more quality books you put up the more Royalties are paid out to you.

Chapter 3


You can make your very own eCover in about 10 minutes. Head over to Amazon and type in the type of book your writing. Now just see what other people are using as ecover and make a similar one using Pizap or Pic-monkey.

You can also save time by having this done for you. I use a little known website called Fiverr they do so much stuff for five dollars. If you never used fiverr before you can get a FREE fiverr Gig Here- Fiverr FREE Gig.

Chapter 4


Formatting your eBook may seem hard at first but its very simple once you get the hang of it. The main thing is having your Table of Contents/ Chapters Hyperlinked to that section in your book. So if I need to get to chapter 6 I can just click on Chapter 6 in the Table of contents and go directly their instead of having to scroll all the way through the eBook. Here is a short video showing how- eBook Formatting

You’re just basically bookmarking sections in the book itself with Hyperlinks

Chapter 5


Search Engine Optimization is one of those things that can make you very wealthy, If done right. Google SEO is different from Kindle, Kindle is much easier. His means you can easily get your books seen by the right people.

Simply go to Amazon and use the search bar as your Keyword Planner. Start typing in what your book is about and amazon will give you the tags you need to help rank your book on amazon. You can also use the Google search bar as well. Grab about 5 tags that are relevant and use them when your uploading your book. Remember you also want a nice keyword rich description as well.


Chapter 6


Part of being a KDP Author is setting up a nice Author page. Here you can have a picture, description, and a list of your other books. It also has the option to link a blog!! This is awesome for the reason every time you post on your blog it will show up on your Amazon author page.

Marketing step 1. When you first upload your book you have the option to give this book away for free. For 5 days. I highly recommend you do this. It allows for your book to be read and reviewed. It also helps with the rankings of your book when the free promotion is over. You also have the Kindle countdown deals which can be used as a way to do dime sales for your book.

Now if you’re anything like me, you may want to give your book away for free, FOREVER


They call this Perma-Free publishing and it works great if you’re just trying to get more sign ups to a Network Marketing company or Amazon associate sales. You accomplish this by uploading your book on a site called Smashwords for free. In return Smashwords will distribute your book to other platforms like Barnes&Noble. Once your book is on Barnes&Noble for free just head over to Amazon and report seeing your book somewhere at a lower price. Sinc Amazon is Bully they will want to price match. And since the book is up for free on B&N , Amazon will make it free on Kindle. This takes a few weeks however it is well worth it. Think about one book sold a day to 200 downloads a day with the potential of new sign ups or new sales.

Chapter 7

Amazon associates

Since Kindle is digital you have the option to link your book to different sites or products. You can use this as a way to make extra money via amazon associates. So why not use it?

Example: If im a Barber and I write a Kindle book on how to start your own Barbershop business, throughout the eBook I will mention the best hair cutting clippers to use when first starting out. I would recommend a pair of Clippers that you can buy off of Amazon and put my Amazon associates link in the book so they can head over to Amazon to take a look. If they decide to buy the clippers I will get a percentage, Hell if they buy anything once they went through my link Amazon will pay me a commission. And they will pay you to so link your book up

Chapter 8

Not Just Kindle

Another place I like to upload my books is called JVZoo.  JVZoo is an affiliate network were you can have other people selling your products for a commission and you get paid instantly. Where amazon will be paying monthly JVZOO will be paying instantly every sale you make. Now you have money coming in on different platforms.

Chapter 9

Social Media Marketing Tips

During your 5 free days you will want to use social media to spread the word. Instagram is easy, just find a relevant # and post Use the same # on Facebook in a relevant Facebook group that is related to your book.

Reddit is my all-time favorite for traffic. Upload your ecover to imgr and then share that link on Reddit in a related sub Reddit that has to do with your book.

YouTube is the easiest way to get quick traffic for your book promotions. Find a video that’s related to your book that just recently came out. Make sure whoever uploaded the video has a lot of subscribers. 50,000 or more. Watch the video and write an informative comment about it while adding the link back to your book. Easy peasy.

Chapter 10


Believe me when I say its nothing like Kindle money. Its intellectual Property that will stay in your family for generations.. Also called Wealth.



                                               Table Of Contents:

                                               Absolutely Nothing


What’s good all my work from home EntrePoeNiggas. Welcome to another diabolical way to make money brought to you by the ZuKeeper himself, Reggae Jones.

If you don’t know who I am, you better raise your hand and ask somebody.

This method that I will be teaching you takes a little work, however the rewards / wealth can be passed on to your family for generations.

I have spoken to a lot of short minded people who need a quick fix of money try to get online and get rich only to fail horribly.

I have aught hundreds of people how to make money online doing certain things from Forex,CPa,Teespring, etcetera, etcetera, blah blah blah.

But most of these people are still struggling. Why? Are they short minded? Bad work ethics? Or it’s just not their time. What I’m going to teach you today will change that. Let’s get started.

I call this method super-fast affiliate commissions because you can start seeing commission as soon as tomorrow. However not only will you be making affiliate commissions, you will be receiving monthly royalties.

This method involves Kindle books , either writing your own like I do.( About whatever) or outsourcing the book from someone else.

An Amazon Associates Account for extra commissions, and a JVZoo for instant affiliate commissions via PayPal.



The way this works is to write a book around a JVZoo product that hasn’t came out yet. It’s a secret affiliate technique called Launch Jacking that I’m showing others how to do a different way.

Its normally used with YouTube videos because their easier to rank on Google before the product comes out. However that method doesn’t really work for someone who is not an authority in the market.

How it works is we find a JVZoo product that’s about to launch, say in a few days or week from now. We can find these on Muncheye.

Ask permission to promote the product. Once were approved to promote we write a short Kindle book about the subject. We name the Kindle book the exact name of the Product.

Now in your Kindle book you will hyperlink back to the product using your affiliate link. Now here is the secret sauce.

Most JVZoo launches have affiliate contest were the person with the most sales during the launch period can win big cash prizes.

The secret sauce is the free promotion. The day the product is to be released is the day you have your Kindle free promotion set up to go for 5 days. This will help your book outrank the actual product and YouTube videos on Google thanks to the power of Amazon.


From then on that one book will constantly bring in you not only Monthly commissions but daily sale from the affiliate products.

Now that’s it.. Yep no long drawn out goodbyes or heartfelt see you laters. This the Zu 

Download the Simple Youtube Launch Jacking SEO Video Course- Dropbox

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