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Google’s SSL ‘Not Secure’ Warning is effecting 95% of websites and  Business owners are paying $400-$4,000 to ANYONE who can fix it:




Clients are sold after a single email
warning them about this new change:


Have you heard about Google’s new SSL requirement for websites?

Over 90% of sites are affected and most local business owners are completely unaware. Once a biz owner learns about this problem and how it will cost them customers and revenue, they become desperate to find a solution.

There is a MASSIVE opportunity over the next few months reselling SSL certificates to the biz owners who NEED them after this Google change, all with:

  • NO Hard selling – Simply alerting unaware business owners to this problem is enough to get them begging to buy a solution from you.
  • NO Technical setup – Reselling the right service means all the work is done for you.
  • NO Cost to get started – YOU collect fees for providing this service and pay the SSL provider AFTER you have collected the money. 500% profit margins

Now is the time to cash in on the SSL gold rush

Here’s what this SSL craze is all about: Google is scheduled to release an update to their chrome browser that will warn visitors when a website they are visiting does not have an SSL certificate installed.

This new warning has been all over the news:


SSL certificates are a way for websites to keep their visitor’s information safe by encrypting the communication. You’ve certainly seen websites that have this encryption, their address starts with ‘https’ instead of just ‘http’ (the S literately stands for secure).

Google is planning to mark EVERY website that doesn’t use https with a big red ‘UNSECURE’ marker.

You can read about their plans in their own words, right on Google’s Dev blog:


Not only will the address bar mark sites as unsecure, Google is planning to add this warning to every single form on web pages that don’t have SSL:

This warning will affect every form on a website including:

  • Credit card forms – Websites will lose orders and revenue.
  • Email and lead forms – Businesses will lose leads and customers.
  • Search and contact forms – Websites will lose traffic and engagement.

Bottom line: Websites without an SSL certificate will be filled with warning labels, rendering them useless to business owners.

Fact: Over 90% of websites DO NOT have an SSL certificate

Google originally planned to release this update in October 2017. They decided to push back the release date because of just how many websites will be affected (and hopefully give them more time to fix this problem).

That hasn’t stopped Google from having SSL affect their search ranking. Sites without SSL certificates have been quietly dropping off their front page, while sites that install a certificate have been seeing an immediate boost in ranking:

It’s surprisingly easy to find websites that have this problem

Remember that sites with an SSL certificate start with “https” instead of “http”. You can modify any Google search to only send you results that don’t have an SSL certificate by adding ‘-inurl:https’ to the search bar.

For example, searching for ‘chiropractors in Austin’ and adding ‘-inurl:https’ to the search bar will return all the chiropractors in Austin who do not have an SSL certificate installed on their website:

Every one of these results are a potential client. They MUST install an SSL certificate, or their sites will be marked as ‘UNSECURE’.

The majority of these business owners are completely unaware of this problem. Sending them a quick email explaining these changes has a 80% response rate when you use the right message:

My cold email templates alert the biz owner to this problem and provide value by educating them on how to fix it themselves.

There is NO sales pitch… ONLY value in these emails. (I once got a free meal at a local restaurant for telling him about this problem. I’m a foodie, so I love targeting restaurants)

Smart business owners pay for solutions
rather than fix problems themselves

By educating prospects you establish immediate rapport and trust. These emails are written to give massive value by explaining the problem, and implying to the business owner that you have a fast and easy solution (all without a sales pitch).

This prompts the business owner to pitch you on buying a solution:

This non-sales approach eliminates the usual troubles that come with email marketing:

  • NEVER deal with rejection – You aren’t selling anything, only providing value.
  • NEVER deal with spam complaints – These are NOT marketing emails.
  • NEVER deal with angry prospects – Responses are grateful for alerting them and inquiring to buy your service.

There are a handful of Reseller SSL providers that will do all of the work for you installing the SSL certificates for your clients.

These services are white labeled with your information, meaning the biz owner never knows you are reselling the service AND they offer one-click installation to their resellers:

A basic SSL certificate costs $100 from these resellers, and can be sold for $500 to business owners (only pay for the certificate after you have been paid so there is no out of pocket expense.)

Did you know certain industries are required to
PAY MORE for stronger SSL certificates?

Not all SSL certificates are created equal. Some have better encryption and others are issued by better authorities.

Highly regulated industries like medical and law offices require stronger SSL certificates to keep patient and client data safe.

These certificates can cost as much as $1,000 from resellers, and resold for $5,000

Targeting these niches will allow you to earn more money from each certificate you sell, and is just as easy as selling cheap certificates.

4 traps you must avoid when reselling SSL certificates

Problem 1 – Not white labeled – White labeling means the reseller company uses YOUR name and information. Without this, clients will realize you are reselling the certificate. When it comes time to renew their SSL, they will often go direct to the reseller and YOU will miss out on potential renewal fees every year.

Problem 2 – No installation service – Installing an SSL certificate yourself is technical and difficult. Do it wrong, and you can break your clients site completely. Never use a service that doesn’t offer installation as part of the deal.

Problem 3 – Not offering high-end certificates – Being able to offer more expensive certificates to the clients that need them (doctors, lawyers) is a key part of making the most out of the SSL gold rush. Not all resellers offer these certificates and it’s crucial to work with ones that do.

Problem 4 – No support – Clients may move hosts, or start new websites, or need to fix things and will come to you for support. You need the right service that will support you 24/7 to provide your client with anything they need.

The Easy SSL Profits System.

The Easy SSL Profits System is the fastest and easiest way to cash in on Google’s new SSL requirement.

I’ve taken everything I’ve learned over the past 2 months and packaged it into a copy-paste system the handles everything. From finding the biz owners who need an SSL certificate to closing the deal and getting paid.

This is not ‘theory craft’. These are the lessons you can only learn by working in the trenches. We’ve done all the dirty work of figuring this out for you.

YOU will feel like you’ve spent the last 8 months working along side me by the time you’ve finished the quick-start guide.

YOU will avoid all the painful mistakes made by consulting rookies.

YOU will put this into action today reselling the very same services we do using the same copy-paste sales material.

Inside the no fluff quick video start guide, you’ll learn every little trick I have discovered over the last 2 months including:

  • Pro Tip: Give away FREE SSL certificates and land monthly hosting clients – Offer clients free SSL certificates when they sign up for your monthly hosting/consulting package to earn 4-5 times as much per client (around half of prospects will take this option IF you simply offer it!). You are LOSING money if you don’t offer this. Giving clients a choice between buying out right or signing up for a monthly package increases the conversions of both.
  • The Google Search hacks that find clients – Add these hacks to your search to return business that NEED an SSL certificate and don’t even know it. YOU will look like a hero when you’re the first person to offer this to them.
  • Rejection proof, non-sales approach to landing clients – Fill your inbox with biz owners THANKING YOU for educating them on this coming crisis. You’ll provide value to businesses in your area and be rewarded with prospects asking to hire you to fix this problem for them.
  • The only scare tactic that works when selling SSL certificates – Using scare tactics in your marketing is the best way to knock a prospect off the fence and buy now. Strangely the loss of customers and revenue was never scary enough to increase our conversions, but one scare tactic was: The LEGAL ramifications of NOT having an SSL certificate. Some industries risk getting sued for not protecting their customers data, or even losing their license/business. Target these niches and use the right wording in your emails and you’ll start seeing instant replies looking to buy an SSL Fast

This quick VIDEO guide is everything you need to short cut your learning curve and get started earning money selling SSL certificates today.

To help you hit the ground running and land clients immediately I am also including a complete set of email marketing templates, the same ones that have been getting a 90% response and landing clients by giving away massive value.

This takes all the guesswork out of prospecting, just pick the template you want to use, add your information and send it out to the prospects.

Copy, Paste, Profit!

Here’s the deal: Demand for SSL certificates is set to explode once Google makes the final changes to their Chrome browser in the coming weeks/months.

Once they do, I intend to sell this material for around $100 as a home study course. I think you’d agree that’s a fair price considering how it short cuts the pains involved in selling SSL.

Before that happens, I want to get my valued customers in at a steep discount, and gather more testimonials from students who are putting this into action.

And so, you will not be paying the final price of $100 today, not even half that.

Here’s what to do now: Click on the add to cart button below, fill out your PayPal information on the next page and click the buy button. After you complete your checkout, you will be given immediate access to the Easy SSL Profits System:

Easy SSl Profits System

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