Earn Multiple Income Streams by promoting a FREE membership

The free membership is a new organization called the Income Reengineering Business Development Network (IRBDN). They offer 7 powerful and lucrative benefits to entrepreneurs, aspiring entrepreneurs ..even job seekers. As a warrior, you will focus on Benefit #7.

Here’s an outline of all 7 benefits to give you a feel for what this organization is about. But, remember, you will focus on Benefit #7 at the end:

Benefit #1: Get paid to learn how to write special business plans for a new entrepreneurial incubator called the Income Reengineering Business Development Network (IRBDN). All you need is a willingness to learn. The business plan will result in a business that you will own. So, in essence, you get paid to write a business plan for a business you will own. You will get plenty of help and support.

Benefit #2: Once you have a finished and approved business plan, you can use the IRBDN network to crowdfund your plan

Benefit #3: Once funded, you can staff your new business with entrepreneurs and professionals who are members of the IRBDN. You will have a special business networking relationship with this group;

Benefit #4: Once you and your staff produce a product or service, the IRBDN network will market that product or service to millions of IRBDN supporters (over time) at no out of pocket cost to you

Benefit #5: Work online part time in collaboration with those who write business plans and get crowdfunded via Benefit #1 and #2. By doing so, you can work online part time within your field of expertise or area of professional interest and earn lucrative ownership based compensation. In other words, in addition to earning immediate income, you build ownership equity and even earn residual income via a Residual Income Equity Benefit …simply by working online part time within your career field.

Benefit #6 (Educational Benefit): Benefit #1 thru Benefit #5 represent early building blocks to a big picture economic vision called the Income Reengineering vision. This vision shows how the mainstream workplace can evolve and make it possible for workers to build ownership and wealth on the job instead of just earning a paycheck to paycheck living. It will ultimately lead to a 3 fold increase in the aggregate standard of living for the masses. Although the realization of this vision is a long way away, you can start learning about this vision NOW and strategically position yourself professionally into the Benefit #1 thru Benefit #5 building blocks. By doing so, you can link massive
personal wealth to the growth, expansion and maturity of this vision;

Benefit #7: Starting IMMEDIATELY, while you study and learn how to capitalize on Benefit #1 thru Benefit #6, you can use this Benefit #7 as an earn while you learn option where you build multiple lucrative residual income sources simply by referring other entrepreneurs and professionals to a free IRBDN membership.

As you can see, the benefits are quite unique. This is especially true with Benefit #5 where people can earn immediate income, ownership equity and even build residual income through a residual income equity benefit simply by working online part time within their career field or area of professional interest.

Of course, as a warrior/marketer, you will focus on Benefit #7

More on Benefit #7
First of all, if you participate in Benefit #7, you will be referred to as a Staffing Partner in the system. As a Staffing Partner, you can earn 3 income sources:

Income Source #1 
You promote the free membership using a personalized IRBDN marketing portal. The portal has an optin form where you can build a list as those you refer opt in to learn more about the system. When considering Benefit #5, you can use this to build a massive list in the make money online niche.

Now, while you are building your list, you will have the option to earn immediate income by forming a simple alliance or agreement with those you refer who also choose to participate as a Staffing Partner. The alliance goes something like this:

1) You and the Staffing Partners you refer signup for up to 3 network marketing distributorships (you can participate in one, all or none. It’s up to you)

2) Then as you and the Staffing Partners you refer continue to refer people to the free membership, some of those will also choose to become Staffing Partners and join your distributorship building alliance …..so on and so forth as you can build multiple downlines and earn multi-generational income streams with this one system.

The beauty here is that those who are not interested in this Staffing Partner program or network marketing do not have to participate. They can simply focus on Benefit #1 thru #5, which are quite lucrative on their own.

Income Source #2
This is where you monetize your list. You will two primary options:

1) Learn the details of the IRBDN system, position yourself as a consultant and then provide value added consultation and advice to those on your list and monetize using strategically placed affiliate based products/services.

2) Or, you can monetize it using any affiliate product/services in the make money online niche.

Just be mindful that the majority of the people you refer will be interested in taking advantage of Benefit #1 thru #5. So, the more value and support you can provide in this area, the more money you will make. Remember, membership is free, so all you have to do is plug in and learn the system.

Income Source #3
This is a long term income source where, after you make a ton of money with Income Source #1 and #2, you will have an opportunity to position yourself as a venture capitalist in the system. You work with and help finance those participating in Benefit #1.

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