African American Economics, The Black Buying Power Myth

richest-man-Mansa Musa

The African American Economic Power could be easily seen if the Black Buying Power Myth were true. Is it really true that African Americans have 1.3 Trillion backing them says Neilsen. Our Millennials have 168 Billion, however are they educated enough to know what that means? Lets think about this. We know the facts but are we rich? Do we personally have wealth? Do we know how to build it and pass it along generation after generation? How does these numbers effect us personally?

True this is a lot of money however what is the wealth in our individual homes. What assets do we own. *NOT LIABILITIES* What will be our children’s first job, will they work for the family business or them (People/Oppressors).

Do our children know the difference between Fiat Currency and actual Real Money.. Gold

The truth is:

*96.1 percent of the 1.2 million households in the top one percent by income were white.

*America’s 100 richest people control more wealth than the entire Black population.

*The 5 largest white landowners own more land than all Black people combined.

*The average Black family would need 228 years to build the wealth of a white family today….black buying power

So many smart so called African American have layed down and gave up. We have such a great opportunity at hand. In 2009 a law was passed granting us our right to claim Indigenous Nationality. We dont need a hand out. We just need to be left alone. We can have self-reparations.  Build our own nation right here own our homeland.

The richest man that ever lived was Mansa Musa of Mali. Lets take a lesson from our ancestor. Build wealth, Make your family a business, and invest in Gold.

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